Aircraft Maintenance

Fully Managed Solutions and Aircraft Paint Touch Up

Ensuring your aircraft is safe to fly is an integral part of routine maintenance.

At Platinum Sky Maintenance (PSM), we work from nose-to-tail to ensure you can spend more time flying and less time worrying about keeping track of your jet’s maintenance.

Our aviation specialists are dedicated to overseeing each phase of your operation. From scheduling, dispatching, and supervising flight operations, charter services, and owner services, PSM is dedicated to our clients and their aircraft.

PSM aviation technicians will recommend worldwide services or parts that your aircraft may need so that you can fly with the confidence and security you deserve. With PSM handling your aircraft maintenance, you can expect to:

  • Maximize resale value: Maintaining the health of your aircraft in top shape aids in fully maximizing its resale value.
  • Maximize availability: Through routine maintenance, ensuring your aircraft is ready to fly will never be a guessing game.
  • Maximize services: Our services offer turnkey solutions to meet your needs while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business.

We offer a comprehensive list of full-spectrum aviation services, from minor checkups to heavy maintenance, engineering, aircraft modifications, and quality support. Whether you seek base or line maintenance services, PSM has you covered.

Base Aviation Maintenance

At PSM, our broad portfolio of services can assist you with renovation works, flight hours inspections, routine maintenance, landing gear replacement, plane registration checks, C, D, E, F, and G checks, and more. 

Line Aviation Maintenance

We can provide aircraft-on-ground (AOG) services to clients worldwide. Our AOG services are available to you 24/7, 365 days a year. Our line maintenance services include aircraft dismantling, component replacement, and defect rectification. The field professionals of PSM maintain communication throughout every maintenance procedure to ensure your satisfaction every time.

Aircraft Paint Touch up

At PSM, we understand the immense value of your aircraft to you, making it imperative to maintain its pristine condition both internally and externally.

Our aircraft paint touch-up services have contributed significantly to preserving the appearance of numerous aircraft over the years. Prior to painting your jet, we execute several services aimed at ensuring the long-term retention of your aircraft's value. Additionally, our dedicated quality control staff conducts daily inspections at every stage of the process.

Typical services carried out for our clients include:
  • Corrosion removal
  • Touch-up paint
  • Bodywork
  • Composite repair
  • Paint match and blends
The Painting Process
  • Chemical Stripping: The first step in painting your aircraft involves cleaning and stripping it of dirt, bugs, waxes, etc. Flight controls and other sensitive parts of your aircraft are then removed to protect them. An environmentally friendly chemical base is applied to assist with the preparation and priming.
  • Prepping and priming: To achieve optimal smoothness, we will sand your aircraft to remove paint residue, and any dents or imperfections will be rectified. Once your aircraft is smooth and free of dents, we will proceed with a wash, treatment, and priming process.
  • Basecoat: Your aircraft will receive a basecoat of paint to ensure proper adherence of the final coat of paint.
  • Design: PSM has a team of skilled designers who will create your paint scheme and refine the design to match your desires.
  • Final coat: After meticulously following all these steps and receiving your final approval, your aircraft will undergo its final coat of paint before it is considered complete.

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